2009 Trends Report: Residential Design & Build

Residential Design & Build magazine’s 2009 Trends Report has the latest data on home design and building trends (reporting on 2008).

One of the charts in the article lists items, features, and materials where clients cut back when their budget is tight. Not surprisingly, our history in dealing with architectural design clients indicates these are the same areas where our clients make adjustments when going through budgeting and cost comparisons.

The biggest adjustment we see clients make to meet budget requirements is reducing the overall square footage of the home and only designing as much house as they need. 

Homeowners are willing to cut down on the actual living space to cut costs. Small homes generally cost less, which means less money financed; require less energy for heating and cooling, which means lower energy costs; have smaller, more efficient systems (furnace, AC, plumbing, etc.), can earn points toward energy program certification for small size, and will require less maintenance.

We have several small home designs that meet our clients lifestyle needs as well as goals toward energy efficiency.