Popular Home Features in 2015

The NAHB’s Economics and Housing Policy surveyed over 3,000 builders, designers, architects, manufacturers, and housing marketing specialists to forecast the characteristics of the average single-family detached home in 2015.

Can you guess the results?  Take this quiz and see how well you do (answers posted at the bottom).

1.       Size:  The average new single-family home will be:
a.       Larger, between 2800 and 3000 square feet
b.      Stay the same (2496 square feet)
c.       Smaller between 2000 and 2,400 square feet

2.                                                        will be a top priority in a home built in 2015.
a.       Landscaping
b.      Technology
c.       Appliances

3.       New home will have more green features, low-E windows, engineered wood products, and:
a.       Use water efficiently
b.      Solar energy
c.       Radiant heat

4.    True or False:     Two-car garages remain high on homeowners’ priority lists.

5.    True or False:     The formal living room will be either combined with another room or completely disappear.

6.   True or False:      First-floor master bedrooms with walk-in closets will be a priority.

How did you do?  BoninArchitects has various architectural services to help you design, build, or remodel a home that fits your priorities – now, in 2011 or in the future.  Call or stop by to set up a free consultation!

Answers:  1.c;  2.b;  3.a.;  4.True;  5.True;  6.True.